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 ◉ Australian Census 2021
➲ When: 10th of August 2021
The 18th Australian Census of Population and Housing will take place on the night of Tuesday 10th August 2021. The Census measures the number and key characteristics of people in Australia during the Census ..

Australian Census 2021
 ◉ Change Smoke Alarm Batteries Day
➲ When: 4th of April 2021
Fire Services Australia urges all Australians to change their smoke alarm batteries whenever Daylight Saving starts or ends. Residents are urged to change every smoke alarm battery. So get off your butts ..

Change Smoke Alarm Batteries Day
 ◉ Clean Up Australia Day 2021
➲ When: 7th of March 2021
SUNDAY 7 MARCH 2021 STEP UP TO CLEAN UP THIS MARCH Since it began, 18+ million Australians have donated their time as part of Clean Up Australia Day activities. That equates to 35 million hours of volun ..

Clean Up Australia Day 2021
◉ Do Not Knock | Sticker
Do Not Knock | Sticker
The national Do Not Knock campaign aims to stop unwelcome dishonest and intimidating door-to-door salespeople. Being visited by salespeople at home can be an unnerving experience particularly for the elderly ..

Do Not Knock | Sticker
 ◉ Earth Hour 2021
➲ When: 27th of March 2021
Join us for #EarthHour 2021 on 27 March 8:30 pm (your local time) and together let's #Connect2Earth Earth Hour will celebrate a worldwide commitment to ongoing change for the betterment of the one thing tha ..

Earth Hour 2021
 ◉ Greek Independence Day 2021
➲ When: 25th of March 2021
Thursday 25th of March 2021 This day is Greece's National Day and is always celebrated on 25 March. Greece's Independence Day is actually a holiday that has blended over time with an older festival - ..

Greek Independence Day 2021
 ◉ Heart Health Check | 45+ Free
➲ Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Time to book a Heart Health Check? If you're over 45, or over 30 if you're of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, you should book your Heart Health Check today Australia has introduced a Medicare-f ..

Heart Health Check | 45+ Free
Help | Seeking

 ◉ Horses' Birthday 2021
➲ When: 1st of August 2021
In Australia every horse has its birthday on the first day of August each year.. Sunday 1st of August 2021 All thoroughbreds have the same birthday so that their ages can be standardized for comparison ..

Horses' Birthday 2021
 ◉ IDAHOBiT 2021 | International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia Interphobia and Transphobia
➲ When: 17th of May 2021
May 17th is IDAHOBIT - International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia Interphobia and Transphobia. A day to go rainbow and show your pride and support for the LGBTQIA+ community whether you're a part of the c ..

IDAHOBiT 2021 | International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia Interphobia and Transphobia
 ◉ International Coffee Day 2021
➲ When: 1st of October 2021
Celebrate International Coffee Day on Friday 1 October 2021. The 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and dozens of coffee associations from around the globe will join in celebrati ..

International Coffee Day 2021
 ◉ International Women's Day 2021
➲ When: 8th of March 2021
International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Monday, March 8 2021 marks 110 years since the first International Wo ..

International Women's Day 2021
 ◉ Love Your Bookshop Day 2021
➲ When: 14th of August 2021
Love Your Bookshop Day will be held on Saturday 14 August 2021. Held in hundreds of locations throughout Australia, we will celebrate bookshops in all their glory. Love Your Bookshop Day celebrates booksh ..

Love Your Bookshop Day 2021
 ◉ National Police Remembrance Day 2021
➲ When: 29th of September 2021
Wednesday 29th September 2021 National Police Remembrance Day commemorates police officers from all Australian police services who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the community. Each year the ..

National Police Remembrance Day 2021
 ◉ National Recycling Week 2021
➲ When: 8th of November 2021 To 14th of November 2021
Planet Ark's National Recycling Week campaign promotes the importance of reducing reusing and recycling! National Recycling Week runs Monday 8 to Sunday 14 November 2021. Whether it's hosting a swap part ..

National Recycling Week 2021
 ◉ National Sorry Day 2021
➲ When: 26th of May 2021
Wednesday 26th May 2021 - Each year we encourage all schools, community groups and workplaces to hold events in their local areas to commemorate National Sorry Day. National Sorry Day is an Australia-wide o ..

National Sorry Day 2021
 ◉ National Tea Day 2021
➲ When: 15th of December 2021
The world celebrates two TEA days a year... National Tea Day (December 15) and International Tea Day (May 21). The five basic styles of tea are White Green Oolong Black and Pu'erh. All tea comes from the ..

National Tea Day 2021
 ◉ National Tree Day 2021
➲ When: 1st of August 2021
Get Outside & Grow for National Tree Day Planet Ark's National Tree Day is Australia's biggest community tree-planting event. Since Tree Day started in 1996 over 10.5 million native trees and shrubs hav ..

National Tree Day 2021
 ◉ Neighbour Day 2021
➲ When: 28th of March 2021
SAY G'DAY on Sunday 28th March 2021 Neighbour Day is Australias annual celebration of community, encouraging people to connect with those who live in their neighbourhood. Whether through a cuppa, a picni ..

Neighbour Day 2021
 ◉ PETstock Assist National Pet Adoption Day 2021
➲ When: 13th of March 2021
Adopt Different: PETstock Assist celebrates inaugural National Pet Adoption Month 2021 Throughout March 2021 PETstock Assist will celebrate its inaugural National Pet Adoption Month as an extension of its an ..

PETstock Assist National Pet Adoption Day 2021
 ◉ Queen's Birthday Long Weekend Guide 2021
➲ When: 27th of September 2021
The 2021 Queen's Birthday Long Weekend takes place from Saturday 25th September to Monday 27th September 2021. This guide includes special events taking place over the long weekend. The public holiday on t ..

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend Guide 2021
 ◉ QUIT | World No Tobacco Day 2021
➲ When: 31st of May 2021
Every year World No Tobacco Day on May 31, aims to raise awareness of the devastating toll of tobacco through smoking-related death and disease. Quitline is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday to Fri ..

QUIT | World No Tobacco Day 2021
Round Up

◉ Sky High: Australia's Best Views
Sky High: Australia's Best Views
Looking out a plane window is one thing but if you really want to see the most iconic parts of Australia from a higher persepctive here are 8 of the best views in the nation.. 1. Adelaide Oval Roof Climb | ..

Sky High: Australia's Best Views
◉ TV Reception Issues
TV Reception Issues
There is always a steady stream of complaints about poor reception pixelation and often not being able to receive 'one' channel including 2 7 9 10 and SBS. Feedback often has friends and neighbours experienc ..

TV Reception Issues
 ◉ UN International Day of Peace 2021
➲ When: 21st of September 2021
2021 International Day of Peace (United Nations) Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strength ..

UN International Day of Peace 2021
 ◉ White Ribbon Day: Stop Violence Against Women
➲ When: 25th of November 2021
Join the campaign to stop violence against women. Nearly every week in Australia a woman is killed in an incident of family violence. The campaign culminates on White Ribbon Day (25 November) each year ..

White Ribbon Day: Stop Violence Against Women
 ◉ World Laughter Day 2021
➲ When: 2nd of May 2021
Sunday 2nd May 2020 WORLD LAUGHTER DAY (WLD) 2020 CELEBRATIONS Be part of this global attempt to laugh for World Peace, Health & Happiness to make our world a better place for all. This annual event ..

World Laughter Day 2021