Dry July 2020

Dry July 2020Dry July 2020

No one asks for cancer so we're asking you to help.

Go Dry this July and raise funds for people affected by cancer.

Dry July is a fundraiser that challenges you to go booze-free for a month to support adults living with cancer.

When you're diagnosed with cancer it's hard to find the time or energy to think about anything other than treating the cancer. By giving up alcohol for the month of July and raising funds Dry July participants help us to ease the burden reduce stress and add a bit of comfort for those affected by cancer.

Taking part in Dry July gives you the chance to also focus on yourself - notice your own drinking habits and the value of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

How it works

1. Sign-up to the challenge

2. Go booze-free in July

3. Ask friends and family to sponsor you

4. Help people affected by cancer

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When & Where

Date/s: Wednesday 1st July 2020  -  Friday 31st July 2020


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Dry July 2020


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