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Perth is Australia's Broadway

Perth has a long rich theatrical tradition with some wonderful theatre's.

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View Event: Adventures of the Bearded Lady
Adventures of the Bearded Lady
A comedy theatre show about a bearded lady who ran away from the circus! Dream job, huge fanbase and in a committed relationship with a hunky dancing bear. Everything was going righ..
View Event: By A Thread
By A Thread
Returning to Fringe World for its final year, 'By a Thread' is an ensemble circus creation exploring the relationship between trust and risk. Long spools of white rope run through pull..
View Event: Days of our Hives
Days of our Hives
Days of our Hives by Alanta Colley My name is Alanta. I'm a beekeeper. The main thing that you keep when you keep bees is other people away. Even my bees left, once. I guess I'm a..
View Event: Hands some Feet - FRINGE WORLD Festival 2020
Hands some Feet - FRINGE WORLD Festival 2020
The Finnish word hepuli means to have a sudden outburst of uncontrollable emotion, regardless of the type of feeling. In this unconventional love story, a juggler and a tightwire dancer..
Where:The Pleasure Garden | Northbridge
View Event: Kafka's Ape
Kafka's Ape
From South Africa comes the Australian premiere of multiple award-winning Kafka's Ape; a solo performance about a primate's struggle to overcome the confines of captivity, presented by Yil..
Where:Blue Room Theatre | Perth
View Event: Krishna Istha: Beast
Krishna Istha: Beast
Turns out testosterone filled comedy isn't what you thought! Welcome to Beast, a stand-up show by the transgender, trans-national, performance artist turned comedian, Krishna Istha. ..
Where:Blue Room Theatre | Perth
View Event: Post-Mortem
Remember teenage love? Obsessive and knotted together. Nancy and Alex met in biology class dissecting a pig heart. They believed their love was eternal. Until they broke it. Reunited ten y..
Where:Blue Room Theatre | Perth
View Event: Purple People Comedy & Circus
Purple People Comedy & Circus
A contemporary comedy & acrobatics show made for adults, but kids are welcome too. Be blown away by acrobatics, juggling, hula hooping and fire in this award winning comedy & circus va..
View Event: Splash Test Dummies
Splash Test Dummies
Rub-a- dub-dub, The Dummies are back with some splish-splashing circus set to drown you in tears of laughter. From the makers of the hit show, Trash Test Dummies, comes a new production..
View Event: The Last Five Years
The Last Five Years
Cathy and Jamie's relationship has lasted five years. As the story begins, Cathy is at the beginning of the relationship while Jamie is at the end. With inter-cutting scenes, we watch Jami..
View Event: Velma Celli: Me & My Divas
Velma Celli: Me & My Divas
No diva is safe and there's no riff she won't sing when UK Queen of live vocal drag, Velma Celli, returns with her brand new show. Me and My Divas is an overindulgent diva fest celebra..
View Event: Waterloo
For the past four years Bron has had an intimate friendship with a high ranking military official. He's a right-wing, cigar smoking, Margaret Thatcher loving conservative and she's a lefty..
Where:Blue Room Theatre | Perth


His Majesty's Theatre

His Majesty's Theatre

One of Perth's most iconic venues, His Majesty's Theatre, or 'the Maj' as it is affectionately known, has hosted many great artists since it opened in 1904.

A beautiful theatre that has become one of Western Australia's most-loved heritage icons, seats over 2,500 people.

825 Hay Street Perth | Map | What's On

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