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Kind JulyKind July

If every Australian did one act of kindness a day for the month of July that would be 775 million acts of kindness in Kind July.

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In a world where you can be anything (Stay Kind)

Here are some acts of kindness for you to consider in Kind July.

Hugs make you feel psychologically more secure and together
Leo Buscaglia 1924 - 1998

Make a worthwhile donation and smile at strangers
Lisa Mazzella

I pledge to be more aware of the people around me & if they don't seem ok I will start a conversation with them.
Jacinta McManus

I will Pause to think and consider other people's feelings before responding or taking action.

I pledge to be more kind to others say hello be around for others more worry about the little things less and not be selfish. Help a stranger everyday.
Damian Kowalski

Say something complimentary every day to someone who might need it or just to boost happiness and generate good energy amongst friends and

To look for the best in people give the benefit of the doubt and engage from a place of understanding optimism and respect. To promote/broadcast good things and build up positive perspectives. Be kind Australia we're in this together.
Jenny Liddell

I pledge to keep smiling at people and telling people how nice they look I often sit down with elderly people and just start talking to them many are very lonely I'll keep asking people if their ok
Margaret Poole

Not just for July. I pledge to encourage more of my son's friends and my friends' sons to spend more time around our home so that when they are older teens young adults - and even adults or parents themselves - that they have another safe place to go to.
Christine Longworth

To make sure I can help at least one person everyday with a smile a phone call a message a Thankyou even when I am feeling down myself. Everyone is going through something difficult at sometime in their lives that one act of kindness could make them get through another day.
Lis Marshall

To make my first thought to be kind
Brian King

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Date/s: Monday 1st July 2019  -  Tuesday 30th July 2019


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