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T2 Tea | Shop Online

T2 Tea is an invitation to indulge in the sensory pleasures of perfectly brewed and beautifully presented teas and tisanes.

An eclectic exploration and inspired interpretation of the culture and artistry of tea selected from the world's best gardens.

We are tea done differently. All we do all we are revolves around our love for reimagining and reinventing the humble tea leaf.

Enter our world of tea with a melting pot of exotic smells taste sensations intricately designed teawares and beautiful displays.

We're constantly experimenting with new blends and tasty brews. Today even with over 200 teas to our name we're only scratching the surface of what's out there.



Melbourne Tea Bags
Melbourne Breakfast Tea
Melbourne Black Tea
Melbourne Green Tea
Melbourne Herbal Tea & Floral Tisane
Melbourne Fruit Tea (Tisane)
Melbourne African Rooibos & Honeybush Tea
Melbourne White Tea
Melbourne Oolong Tea
Melbourne Sugar Tisane
Melbourne Matcha
Melbourne Chai
Melbourne Organic Tea
Melbourne Perfect For Iced Tea
Melbourne Wellness Tea



Melbourne Everyday Teawares
Melbourne Brewing Tools
Melbourne Teapots
Melbourne Cups & Saucers
Melbourne Tea Cups
Melbourne Tea For One
Melbourne Teaglasses & Tumblers
Melbourne Tea Mugs
Melbourne Milk Jugs & Sugar Bowls
Melbourne Iced Tea Jugs
Melbourne Storage
Melbourne Flasks & Tea Bottles
Melbourne Aqua Teawares
Melbourne Pink & Pastel Teawares


MelbourneWestern Australia

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