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Short Back & Sidewalks

Haircuts for the Homeless - Free of Charge Free of Judgement

Short Back & Sidewalks the project offering haircuts to those in need is officially registered as a Not-For-Profit organisation. Those wanting to support the initiative can now do so through its website Every $20 donation offers a haircut to an individual in need.

Many of us take going down to get a fresh cut for granted. In communities that are in need this is an unaffordable luxury founder Craig Hollywood said. Short Back & Sidewalks Instagram demonstrates the immediate effects a fresh trim can provide. Craig Hollywood says Giving a free haircut to a person makes more of an impression than you could imagine. An individual truly stands taller when they have received a fresh haircut. On the website supporters can donate any given amount and read micro-stories from those who benefit from the service.

The Perth based organisation is quickly growing and encourages barbers all around Australia to get on board. Using your talents and skills to build the self-esteem of an individual is a beautiful way to give pride to another human being. Sometimes the most amazing thing we can do for ourselves is to share the abilities we have with another person.

The organisation has teamed up with other Not-For-Profits including The Salvation Army St. Bartholomews House Uniting Care Australia Street Smugglers RUAH and Tranby to reach out to those in need. It has also collaborated with local photographers Ian and Erick Regnard who have documented many of the remarkable before-and-after shots found on the website.

Working with you

Short Back & Sidewalks works on location, attending the premises of service providers in WA, NSW, NT and VIC to deliver our services. At all times our clients' needs are considered the number one priority, so we operate in familiar, safe and inclusive spaces for all.

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