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Welcome to Crypton Autos Department of Transport Authorised Inspection Station.

Crypton Autos specialises in servicing and repairing cars for clients across the Perth hills, foothills and surrounding suburbs. Whilst our primary area of expertise is brake and clutch repair, we also perform superior quality major and minor servicing, pre-purchase inspections and a wide range of other car maintenance and repair services.

Our team combine their expert mechanical knowledge with a pride in their work that cannot be trained. With over 2 decades in the automotive mechanical business, we understand what your car needs to run at its peak. For more information, contact Crypton Autos.

About Us
Department of Transport Authorised Inspection Station
Established in 1989, Crypton Autos is a Western Australian family run business. We take pride in our operation, ensuring a clean workshop, friendly outlook and impeccable service. All staff possess Automotive Mechanical trade certificates and are members of the local community and shire.

We strive to uphold our long standing reputation for excellence, treating every car with care and respect. Each service is backed by decades of experience in the automotive industry. As licensed government repairers and members of the Motor Trade Association (MTA), we are well equipped to perform all aspects of automotive repair.
If youd like to view our pricing or a detailed description of our services then please browse our website. To book a service, contact the team at Crypton Autos.

Department of Transport Authorised Inspection Station
Crypton Autos perform all facets of car repair and servicing. We specialise in repairing brakes and clutches and can custom make pipes and flaring in our fully equipped facility. Our professional team of mechanics can also perform trailer and horse float repairs.
For a detailed list of our services, please see the list below:
- Minor & Major Servicing
- Log Book Servicing
- Brake & Clutch Repairs
- Trailer & Horse Float Repairs
- Minor Electrical Repairs
- Suspension Repairs
- Stereo, immobiliser & reversing camera installations
- Exhaust Repairs & Fitting
- Batteries - Supplied & Fitted
- Tyre Sales & Fitting
- Radiator & Cooling System Repairs
- Brake Upgrades for towing or street use
- Pre-Purchase inspections
- Exhaust repairs

How to know if your Brake Pads are Worn
Brakes are one of the most important components of a motor vehicle. If they are not working properly, your car may not stop when you want it to. Knowing when to have your brakes checked will prevent you from putting you and your passengers at risk.
Brake problems are usually caused by wearing of the disc pads or brake shoes. One of the first signs that your breaks need repairing is a squealing sound coming from the brakes. Known as a squeaker, this high-pitched noise is designed to let you know when pad wear is limited. Another symptom of worn brake pads is a shuddering steering wheel, which will happen when you apply your brakes.

To solve this problem, we recommend replacing worn brake pads and, if required, machining or replacing the disc rotors. This will markedly increase the life of your brakes. If you notice your car does not stop sometimes, or you need to apply more pressure than usual to stop, have your vehicle repaired by a licensed repairer as soon as possible.

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 ⊜  Unit 1/4 Godfrey Street, Walliston Perth Western Australia 6076 Map
 ✆ Telephone: 08 9291 7241
Unit 1/4 Godfrey Street, WallistonPerthWestern Australia08 9291 7241

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