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Sandgroper | Perthite - Reference City Guide

A person hailing from Western Australia is a Sandgroper plus we have heard folk from Perth referred to as a Perthite.

State knicknames: Western Australia (Perth): Sandgroper, South Australia (Adelaide): Crow Eater, New South Wales (Sydney): Cockroach & Sydneysider, Queensland (Brisbane): Cane Toad & Brisburnian, Northern Territory (Darwin): Territorian & Darwinian, Tasmania: Tasmanian & Victoria: Mexican & Melburnian

◉ Bon Scott
Bon Scott
Probably Perths most famous ex-citizen, Bon Scott is best known as lead singer of Australian rock band AC/DC from 1974 until his accidental death in 1980. The bands Bon sang with are well known Australian ba ..

Bon Scott