Creating Better welding solutions.

To create better welding solutions, there is one key component necessary and it involves listening to the customer.

At Betaweld we strive to meet and exceed our customers demands and through listening to our customer we provide Better welding solutions.

Our range of products includes consumable welding wires, Welding tents and Welding blankets.

Betaweld source products from the world and deliver to your doorstep as part of the solution.

We pride ourselves in offering technical solutions in the field that represent true value. We strive for perfection in offering products that outperform industry standards as a norm.

We back all products up with our industry knowledge and service to ensure the complete solution is not only provided but implemented and maintained through out the life of the product.

At Betaweld we know the customer is working in a technical environment and product support is what creates Better Welding solutions.

Our welding tents are commonly used for onsite welding and as utility tents. They provide full protection of the welding process to the elements and allow for welding in harsh conditions.

Welding tents can also be used as a utility tent for carrying out technical work such as electrical repairs in bad weather.

Fire retardant to Australian Standard in both vertical and horizontal position
Comes in 50m roll for ease of use. Cut your blankets to size. Neoprene coated to minimize handling issues. Can be used for protection of all painted services, walk ways ,electrical cables, stainless surfaces. Offers protection from welding spatter, cutting slag, grinding sparks, swarf, gouging sparks. Consistently handles up to 500degree Celsius.

Neoprene coating aids cooling of slag/spatter as it creates a smooth surface for the product to roll across. Outperforms leather blankets in all aspects of welding drapes.
The Betaweld E71T-1 is a gas shielded, general purpose, flux cored welding wire designed for all positions of welding of mild steel in applications requiring moderate levels of strength and very good notch toughness.

The E71T-1 has very low emissions, a stable arc, good slag removability and excellent X-Ray quality. Suitable for butt and fillet welding of hulls, storage tanks, mechanical and constructional steel, and bridge structure.

ER70S-6 is a GMAW wire. It has a wide operation range, with a stable arc and low spatter. It is designed for welding in vehicles, shipbuilding, steel structures, bridges and pipes in single pass or multipass welding.

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