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Western Australian Maritime Museum


This gallery celebrates Western Australians love affair with the water.

The exhibition displays watercraft, old and new, that showcase the adventures of people challenging nature and themselves as they take on the world on the water.

The gallery features the Parry Endeavour, the yacht that took solo yachtsman Jon Sanders* three times around the globe and Australia II, the racing yacht with the winged keel that won the Americas Cup from the United States in 1983.


The Oberon class Submarine HMAS Ovens is an authentic Cold War-era vessel situated on Fremantles historic World War II submarine slipway. This exhibit serves as a living memorial to submariners and those who gave their lives while serving from Fremantle during World War II.

Guided tours of the submarine leave every half hour (10am - 3.30pm) from the Western Australian Museum - Maritime. Bookings are advised as tours are subject to availability. The guided tours take approximately one hour and reveal intimate details about living and serving aboard the 89 meter long vessel. Quite amazingly, 63 people served aboard the vessel living amongst pumps, controls, sensors, tactical equipment and torpedoes in extremely cramped conditions.

WA Down Under Gallery

Learn about the incredible marine life that can be found along Western Australia's coastline.

Be immersed in an underwater world, see rare specimens, and find out how local communities can help protect our natural landscapes.


The people bordering the Indian Ocean have been linked by trade and the exchange of ideas for thousands of years.

This gallery traces the paths of these maritime travelers, giving visitors a chance to explore the roots of our modern multicultural community. Experience the sights and sounds of a 15th century Middle Eastern marketplace, and see the Sama Biasa (Indonesian Fishing Boat).

Under the Dome: Cinema Experience

WA Museum has partnered with Fremantle documentary company, Prospero Productions, to bring you an immersive cinema experience... Under the Dome at WA Maritime Museum.

Enjoy documentary films throughout the year in this unique, boutique, 22-seat, 180° curved dome cinema with 5.1 surround sound.

Recline and relax in the plush seats and let WA Maritime Museum transport you to other worlds through films specially created for this dome experience, by a local team dedicated to showcasing the wonder of our state and sharing our stories.

Commencing 1 February 2020, we'll be screening films daily that combine the natural world, history, science, technology and adventure, giving you a deeper insight into Western Australia.

Swan River Gallery

The Swan River has undergone many changes. This gallery traces the landscape's transformations as a result of natural and social influences.

See an old Swan River ferry and Lady Forrest, Fremantle's first steam pilot boat, both restored to their original condition.

Fremantle Gallery

Fremantle's story is highly influenced by the ever-changing shipping activity in its port, located just outside the Museum.

View the gangway that brought thousands of immigrants ashore, learn about CY O'Connor, and read about the port's working history.


An incredible variety of trade goods have passed through Western Australia's ports. From sandalwood to sheep, whale oil to wheat, this gallery showcases the way maritime trade has shaped Western Australia.

Naval Defence

War, peace, bravery and sacrifice. In this gallery visitors learn the important role of naval defence in protecting Australia's interests and the strategic importance of Fremantle as a marine base.

Feature objects include a World War One Tenix AE2 submarine conning tower, naval weaponry and a replica of an underwater Motorised Submersible Canoe known as a Sleeping Beauty.

Robert Steele Steam Machinery Exhibition

The Robert Steele Steam Machinery exhibition is located in a wharf shed adjacent to the WA Maritime Museum.

Run by volunteers, this space houses historic engines from Western Australia's maritime past, and demonstrates restored engines in action and full movement.

Hooked on Fishing

This gallery explores Western Australia's fishing industry and the communities, past and present, that have shaped it.

This space presents stories of Fremantle's Fishing Boat Harbour, technological innovation, and the challenges of managing the ever-increasing pressures on fish stocks.

Welcome Walls

More than one third of Western Australia's population was born overseas. The Welcome Walls projects pay tribute to those migrants who arrived by sea, landing at Fremantle or Albany, and to the many benefits they gave to their new home, enriching the lives of all Western Australians.

In Fremantle, over 400 panels commemorating the names of migrants who arrived through this area have been erected at the Western Australian Maritime Museum at Victoria Quay. These panels are available to view outside the Western Australian Maritime Museum, and details about these welcome can be found online on the Welcome Walls website.

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