Spicks and Specks

Spicks and Specks

Simply one of the great shows and one of our favourites..

This addictive musical romp has people singing along to forgotten songs and dusting off their vinyl collections, Spicks and Specks every Wednesday's at 8.30pm.

Compared by one of Australia's most talented comedians Adam Hills joined by regular team captains, Triple J's Myf Warhurst and comedian Alan Brough together with personalities from the local and international entertainment industry.

Pitted against each other, the teams are on a journey to discover who knows the most about the music world and who can have the most fun. From the guitar twang of Country to the heavy bass of Hip Hop, no musical genre will be overlooked as our teams seek to answer a volley of questions and perform sometimes outrageous tasks, whether it be finding the connection between Brahms and the Tango, or tossing televisions through a hotel room window.

Video clips, album covers and song lists - dressing up, re-enacting and stage diving..Drawing on the talents of the teams and the wit of the host, Spicks and Specks will enlighten and entertain - and expose the world of music like never before.

..the end 2011

After seven years, thousands of questions, and more than 150 special guests, ABC's music quiz show Spicks and Specks is coming to an end.

Host Adam Hills and team captains Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough have decided now is the right time to close the curtains on the popular show.

Spicks and Specks attracted an average weekly audience of 1.35 million viewers last year, and has been among ABC1's top 10 programs, based on series averages, each year from 2006-2010.

It has also won industry praise, being awarded the AFI award for best light entertainment series in 2009, and this year's silver Logie for most outstanding light entertainment program.

The final series of Spicks and Specks comes to an end with a one-hour finale to screen on Wednesday November 23, 2011 at 8.30pm on ABC1.


ABC quiz show Spicks and Specks will return later in 2019.

Spicks and Specks will return for a special episode in November 2019 to celebrate ABC's Ausmusic Month. A further three episodes will air in 2020.

Source: The Herald Sun Digital Edition: QUIZ PLAYS ON

Spicks and BACK

Spicks and Specks is back on Sundays between April and June 2021

Host Adam Hills and team captains Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough will return with brand new episodes of the hilarious, informative, irreverent and immensely fun quiz show this year, with a string of incredible guests set to join them throughout the season.

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