At Guide Dogs we're all about keeping our dogs healthy and happy so we want you to be part of PAWGUST 2019 and encourage everyone in your community to get out and get active with their dogs!

This August you and your dog will be challenged to walk 30 minutes a day for 30 days (that's roughly 2km every day!) which is no small feat in winter weather!

It is the PAWfect excuse to get active and spend some quality time with your dog while supporting a worthy cause.

The great thing about this challenge is that you can do it whenever you want to. You and your dog can walk morning noon or night; whatever suits you best!

By participating in PAWGUST you will improve the health and well-being of yourself and your dog.

Not only will your dog love you for all the extra walks you'll feel great knowing that you are changing lives.

Your support will give our puppies the best start in their journey to becoming Guide Dogs.

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Date/s: Thursday 1st August 2019  -  Saturday 31st August 2019


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