Freeview is the free digital television service in Australia.

Freeview brings you all your existing favourite TV channels plus extra TV channels for free!

That's great channels like ABC1 ABC2 ABC3 ABC News 24 SBS ONE SBS TWO SBS HD Seven 7TWO 7mate Nine GO! GEM TEN ONE & ELEVEN. So if you love TV you'll really love Freeview.

Between 2010 and 2013 the analogue free-to-view TV signals in Australia will be switched off and replaced with digital-only signals. Once the analogue signal has been turned off the only way for Australians to continue watching their favourite TV shows for free is to switch from analogue to Freeview digital television.

You get MORE CHANNELS! Digital is a more efficient broadcasting mechanism so the networks can squeeze more channels into the same space. Better sound and picture quality.
And best of all it's FREE*

If you're currently watching analogue TV you will receive a maximum of 5 channels. In metropolitan areas these channels include ABC1 SBS ONE Seven Nine and TEN. When you switch to Freeview digital television you will receive up to 13 more channels.

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