Clean Up Australia Day 2021

Clean Up Australia Day 2021Clean Up Australia Day 2021



Since it began, 18+ million Australians have donated their time as part of Clean Up Australia Day activities. That equates to 35 million hours of volunteer time, removing more than 365,000 ute loads of rubbish from our environment.

It is hard to believe that this initiative began as the inspiration of one man, Ian Kiernan. An avid sailor, Ian was shocked and disgusted by the pollution and rubbish that he continually encountered in the oceans of the world. Taking matters into his own hands, Ian organised a community event with the support of a committee of friends. This simple idea ignited an enthusiasm and desire among the local community to get involved and make a difference.

We're inviting all Australians to join a local Clean Up activity in their local area make a real difference for the environment. And while the Clean Up is important, today our focus needs to be as much on preventing rubbish entering our environment as it is removing what has already accumulated.

How to Organise Your Clean Up Site

Find a site in your local area that you think is in need of a Clean Up
Register your Clean Up site as an individual or on behalf of your group, school or business
Receive your Clean Up kit (please allow two weeks for delivery)
Promote your Clean Up day amongst family, friends and colleagues
Have fun on the day and don't forget to report back to us with your Clean Up Report and Site documentation!

Volunteer to Join an Existing Site

The volunteers at each Clean Up Site are invaluable. If you would like to volunteer at a Site that has already been registered on our website, use our Site search. You may register online or on the day.

Please note that the information collected will only be used for the Clean Up Australia campaign and will not be shared with third parties. Please view our privacy policy for more information.

Donate to Clean Up Australia

As a non-government funded, not-for-profit organisation, we rely on donations from individuals and businesses in order to mobilise hundreds of thousands of Australians to produce fundamental, positive change. A donation to Clean Up Australia will assist us in working with communities to help them learn to live with the challenges that a changing climate brings.

Spread the word about your involvement in Clean Up Australia Day to fundraise for our organisation. If you can't make it out on Clean Up Australia Day, support your friends, family or colleagues in a different way: donate to their Clean Up Site to make it the most successful fundraising Site.

GiveEasy App

We are part of a fantastic new app called GiveEasy, downloadable for free from the Apple store, which allows you to donate to us using your iPhone or iPad. After entering your chosen amount, a tax receipt is sent straight to your email address, while a record is stored on the app itself.

It's quick, secure and easy!

1800 CUA DAY (1800 282 329)

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Date: Sunday 7th March 2021


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Clean Up Australia Day 2021

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