Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking

A dystopian world where there are no women and all living creatures can hear each other's thoughts in a stream of images words and sounds called Noise.

Stars Tom Holland Mads Mikkelsen Daisy Ridley.

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Work commenced on this dull slab of young-adult sci-fi almost a decade ago.

You know when teen dystopia (on the back of mucho mania for The Hunger Games and its ilk) was big box-office business.

This sad effort is so late to the party you feel kind of sorry for it. All that really stands out is a striking core premise which soon rids itself of all interest due to flat acting and dire dialogue. The year is 2257 and Earth has colonised a faraway planet popularly known as New World.

It ticks all the boxes you'd want for a new address for our species save for two major sticking points. Firstly the planet is not hospitable to women in any shape or form. In fact there is no longer a single female to be found on New World.

Secondly all men are subject to a strange phenomenon where their every inner thought is broadcast in the open for all to hear.

There should be a stack of storytelling potential to work with here but nobody seems bothered to exploit it.

This MOVIE REVIEW by LEIGH PAATSCH is from the March 11 2021 issue of The Herald Sun Digital Edition. To subscribe visit

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Chaos Walking 

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Chaos Walking
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