Are You Game... Show?

Are You Game... Show?Are You Game... Show?

The rules are simple. One comedian. One bag of M&M'S®.

Whatever colour they choose decides the game we play.

Are You Game... Show?
Hosted by the witty and wonderful Claire Hooper featuring Joel Creasey Denise Scott Nick Cody Susie Youssef Nath Valvo and Nazeem Hussain. Tune in to find out which chocolate loving comedian will be crowned the champion.

AFTER feeling numb when the Comedy Festival was cancelled Melbourne comedian CLAIRE HOOPER has found a positive.

She is hosting the Are You Game...Show? virtual content series with the likes of JOEL CREASEY NICK CODY DENISE SCOTT and NAZEEM HUSSAIN.

"Everyone's in the market for fun bite-sized content right now stuff you can watch while parenting or baking sourdough loaves'' Hooper said.

"Live performance will always be something special but I think punters and comedians have had a speed course in how to make and enjoy online content and we can never go back."

The episodes of the comedy series are available now at

This article is from the June 15 2020 issue of The Herald Sun Digital Edition.
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Are You Game... Show?

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