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Perth Festival 2018

Perth Festival
9 FEB - 4 MAR 2018
Things are different over here

For 65 years, Perth Festival has been at the heart of our city.

In this singular and remote place on the edge of Australia, we welcome the innovative and visionary artists who bring their dreams and their endless capacity to surprise, entertain and provoke us.

I invite you to approach the Festival with a spirit of adventure and once again take the plunge as spectator, participant, even performer, and to share the connections and stories that bind us together.

- Wendy Martin, Artistic Director

Perth Festival curates and presents an annual arts festival of the highest international quality. We aspire to create new work and stimulate discourse about Western Australia and our place in a complex and political world.

The Festival's ambition is to lift audience expectations and opportunities for Western Australian arts practice, contributing to a vibrant and resilient culture.

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