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A Place to Call Home | Screeners

To celebrate the return of Australia's favourite drama series Foxtel and showcase would like to invite you to the premiere of A Place to Call Home season 5.

Want to be one of the first to watch The Story So Far Special and episode 1 of the highly anticipated new season? Select your preferred screening below to register your ticket and attend alongside some of the cast!

New Season Premieres Sunday October 8 at 8.30pm on showcase & Foxtel Now

About the new season

The new season will jump to 1958 where four years have passed since we left Sarah (Marta Dusseldorp) and the Bligh family.

Those years have seen ever-increasing changes in Australian society. The world of wealth and privilege is being eroded moral values are fraying and a new young generation is rising full of disaffection with the world of their elders.

To them the War is a matter of the dead past bringing conflict with those who suffered its pain and deprivation. Economic change and the devious actions of unseen enemies threaten Ash Park and in the midst of the turmoil love becomes the only sure place anyone can call home.

As the 1950s come to a close Australia - just as the rest of the world - stands on the cusp of great change.

While pastoral families like the Blighs have long farewelled the early '50s golden era when Australia 'rode on the sheep's back' 1958 brings notable milestones: Qantas Airways introduces a round-the-world air service from Australia to London Anzac Day (25 April) becomes a national public holiday Johnny O'Keefe releases his first hit with Wild One and with it Australian rock and roll is born the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) opens in Sydney the first Australian federal election is televised and a young Brian Henderson hosts the first episode of Bandstand.


Friday 15th September
The Orpheum Theatre
Cast attending: To be announced
Melbourne register your ticket

Monday 18th Steptember
Peninsula Cinema
Cast attending: Brett Climo & Jenni Baired
Melbourne register your ticket

Tuesday 19th September
The Astor Theatre
Cast attending: Brett Climo
Melbourne register your ticket

Wednesday 27th September
Windsor Cinemas
Cast attending: Brett Climo & Bevan Lee (creator)
Melbourne register your ticket

Tuesday 3rd October
The Ingham Picture Theatre
Cast attending: Tim Draxl & Abby Earl
Melbourne register your ticket

Wednesday 4th October
The Regal Twins
Cast attending: Marta Dusseldorp
Melbourne register your ticket

Wednesday 4th October
The Capri Theatre
Cast attending: Noni Hazlehurst
Melbourne register your ticket

Friday 6th October
Anita's Theatre
Cast attending: Bevan Lee (creator) & Abby Earl
Melbourne register your ticket

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